Unit test code that uses CSS Modules

How to fix that syntax error

Did you ever work with CSS and were annoyed of global variables, classes and accidental overwriting of your rules? CSS Modules is a great solution to this problems, as it allows importing CSS files into JavaScript. Especially in the React1 ecosystem the usage is widely spread. If you have not heard about CSS Modules yet, go and check it out here2.

Test more with less code

How data providers can help you write better organized and well structured tests for your AngularJS application

Writing unit tests for AngularJS applications is pretty easy with the help of jasmine1 and karma2. But thinking of every possible use case and combination of parameters can be tedious work which often leads to a lot of similar tests or lower test coverage (or maybe even both). This is where data providers come into play. They will not only help you write less code but also test more by having a wider variety of use cases covered. In this article I will show you how data providers can help you write better tests and why you should definitely use them.

Testing config and run blocks in AngularJS

How to easily test an often neglected part of your application

Unit tests are an important part of every AngularJS application. Using karma1 and jasmine2 you have all the tools needed for reaching a good test coverage of your source code. But often even projects with a lot of unit tests omit any tests concerning those run and config blocks of angular modules[^angularjs modules documentation] although these are crucial parts of an application.